Fine beer in Cameroon

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Castel Beer

Castel Beer

Castel and 33

As in many countries in West Africa you will find great tasting beer in Cameroon. To drink beer is very popular and a part of the modern culture. You´ll hardly see anyone drink wine or cocktails. Simply speaking: You should drink beer in Cameroon!

Two of the biggest brands are 33 (trois-trois) or Castel. Both of the brands are lager. Les Sociétés Anonymes des Brasseries du Cameroun is the brewing company who owns these two brands. Heineken are actually owning 8-9% shares in the brasserie.

Infrastructre for beer

When alot of the infrastructure in the country are not developed the beer-bottle infrastructure is working great. They spend alot of money on maintenance for their trucks and advertising and delivery of beer to pubs and restaurants is well arranged. Because of that you can always ask for a 33 or Castel in all parts of the country.

The beer is served in big bottles (63 cl) and costs around 600 CFA. The recycling works great so as soon you finish your beer you can rest assure that the staff at the pub will take care of your bottle, getting cash for sending it back to the brasserie.



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